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Manage, configure, share – from one place

What is iModCloud?

  • iModCloud is a set of ready-to-use internet services for remote control, monitoring and data collection, processing and aggregation
  • iModCloud simplifies management of iMod devices – Managing a group of devices is as simple as managing a single iMod
  • A set of ready-to-use tools for any project.

What are the advantages of using iModCloud?

  • remote control and monitoring of all devices in you installation
  • constant access to all parameters
  • instant data aggregation
  • convenient reporting system
  • constantly growing list of available functionalities

How does iModCloud make managing easier?

  • you can to monitor all the devices in the system
  • it allows remote control from any place
  • you can group devices for a collective configuration
  • you can share selected parameters with other users

What savings does iModCloud bring?

  • remote access to operating parameters saves time for maintenance of your installation.
  • access to all devices, without the need to buy APN’s with the possibility to use SIM cards from different proviers.
  • data logging and summary presentation of key parameters increases efficiency of your installation.

User interface enables you to:

  • view status and change configuration of devices
  • visualize data directly from devices
  • manage/update software and firmware

Securiy of Shared Data

  • communication is encrypted with SSL certificates, using the most secure algorithms. The same solutions are used by the financial institutions.
  • you can freely control access to your devices – with iModCloud you can share selected devices and whole networks according to your needs. Each user account can be created in accordance with the requirements of a certain project.