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FAQ – Startup developer

Who is iModCloud developer?

  • anybody who creates a project based on the iModCloud service is an iModCloud developer
  • all you need is an idea – iModCloud provides you with ready-to-use functionalities

What is iModCloud?

  • iModCloud is a set of ready-to-use internet services for remote control, monitoring, data collection and data sharing with selected groups of users
  • A set of ready-to-use tools for any projects based on the iMod universal telemetry modules and NPE industrial computers.

How will iModCloud help me with my idea?

  • iModCloud offers a set of reay-to-use functionalities
  • identify your project’s needs
  • contact us in order to consult us about using iModCloud for your project

How can I test the iModCloud service?

  • Choose one of the following options:

1. define your needs and try out the demo
2. schedule a remote presentation of iModCloud operating in an existing project
3. hire an iModCloud set.