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FAQ – System integrator

What is iModCloud?

iModCloud is

  • a set of ready-to-use internet services for remote control, monitoring and data collection, processing and aggregation
  • universal data sharing platform: you can create user accounts and share only selected information
  • a system that simplifies management of iMod devices – managing a group of devices is as simple as managing a single iMod.
  • a set of ready-to-use tools for any project.

How can I use iModCloud for my project?

  • iModCloud offers a set of functionalities
  • identify your project’s needs and use ready-to-use iModCloud solutions.

What are the advantages of iModCloud over other systems?

  • quick implementation – you just need to register your device with iModCloud
  • easy configuration
  • clear, user-friendly interface
  • new services are continually added
  • our solutions have been tested in installations around the world.

How do I run a project based on iModCloud?

  • System implementation and configuration have never been easier. Follow the steps below:

1. register your devices with the iModCloud service.
2. choose proper configuration for separate devices with a few clicks.

How do I implement iModCloud into a running installation?

  • It’s simple – you just need to register your devices with the iModCloud service.

Where are the servers ?

  • the iModCloud infrastructure is located in a modern data center in Poland. It operates in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards for the management of information and data security.