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iModCloud is a universal system for device management and data registration and analysis.

Highest Data Security

  • communication is encrypted with SSL certificates, using the most secure algorithms. The same solutions are used by the financial institutions
  • complete control over data access – with iModCloud you can share single units or whole networks od devices. Each user account can be created individually, in order to meet your project’s requirements.

Security of Your Installation

  •  in case of a system malfuncion, you immediately receive an alert (visualisation, SMS, email etc.).

Cost savings with iModCloud:

Make savings and reduce maintenance costs for your facilities right now
  • remote access to operating parameters saves time for maintenance of your installation
  • individual user accounts with access to selected parameters make control of your facilities easier
  • lowest possible cost of access to all the devices in the system
  • quick summary presentation of key parameters for easy control
  • instant alert including a precise location is sent in case of a malfunction – it allows for a quick restoration of devices to proper operating conditions
  • you avoid IT infrastructure cost, you receive ready iModCloud solutions.
Quick implementation – you just need to register your devices with iModCloud and the system is ready.
Intuitive web-based graphical user interface makes managing the installation is incredibly easy

Adapted to your needs

Adjust the service to your project’s requirements – optimized solutions will ensure maximum efficiency of your system.

iModCloud is scalable – you can adapt the service to meet the requirements and size of your installation. iModCloud provides a comprehensive installation management system, regardless of the number of supported telemetry modules.

Regardless of the number of devices, managing your installation is always easy.

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